Learn How To Use A Turkey Call With Chris Parrish

Learn How To Use A Turkey Call With Chris Parrish

Conquer The Call

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No turkey caller in history has stayed on top of the game like Chris Parrish.  His passion for calling and advancing the sport is only matched by his obsession with being in the spring turkey woods.  Constantly driven to produce the most lifelike sounds of the wild turkey, Chris passes on his knowledge by explaining everything from the most basic communication calls, to the most advanced.  Even the most call-shy gobblers will be able to close the deal.  Utilizing visual call comparisons, playback & scoring, and with the “call along with the instructor” loop feature, you will progress like never before.

Yelp, Cluck, Cutting, Fly Down Cackle, Purr, Kee Kee Run, Cluck ’n’ Yelp, Cut ’n’ Yelp and more…

USB Installation, Calibrated Microphone, Customer Service Support

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