Learn How To Use A Goose Call With Tim Grounds

Learn How To Use A Goose Call With Tim Grounds

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Learn as the Godfather of goose, Tim Grounds, teaches short reed goose calling like never before. Starting with instructions as simple as introducing air to the call, Tim goes through everything there is to know about running a short reed. He takes you in stages from the simplest of clucks and honks, to the most advanced calls like the spit note. Everything you need to land those honkers on the X is in here. Utilizing visual call comparisons, playback & scoring, and with the “call along with the instructor” loop feature, you will progress like never before.

Introducing Air, Cluck, Honk, Moan, Laydown Call, Hiccup, Spit Note, Spit Moan, Cluck ’n’ Moan and more…

USB Installation, Calibrated Microphone, Customer Service Support

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