Learn How To Use A Duck Call With Kelley Powers

Learn How To Use A Duck Call With Kelley Powers

Conquer The Call

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Learning to run a duck call from a 5X World Meat Duck Calling Champion like Kelley Powers was, until now, a dream for most. But now is your chance to learn how to speak duck directly from the master. Kelley starts at the most simple stages of duck calling with quacks, and moves up the ladder to feed calls, comeback calls, and bobbing hen sounds. He reviews all the sounds you will need in the field to drop some greenheads right in to your spot. Utilizing visual call comparisons, playback & scoring, and with the “call along with the instructor” loop feature, you will progress like never before.

Proper Hand Position, Introducing Air, Quack, Feed Call, Feed ’n’ Quack, Hail Call, Pleading Hen, Bouncing Hen

USB Installation, Calibrated Microphone, Customer Service Support

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