Using A Turkey Mouth Call - Dos and for the love of God, DO NOTS! - Conquer The Call

There's no question that producing an authentic turkey yelp, purr and more using a mouth call is one of the best ways to call him in.  But how do you start?  What do you buy? When you get in the woods are you call shy?  How do I train? How do I know if I'm good?  Well, the answers are clear when you train with the pro's.  Conquer the Call is the worlds first game call training software.  Now, in the comfort of your home or office, using your computer and this ground breaking software, Conquer the Call will guide you step by step and grade your progress.  Progress is the key!  You literally call into your computer and you are graded on such events such as cadence, inflection, and duration. You'll visually see and hear your progress as compared to a world champion caller! NOW you'll know how you really sound verses having your friend tell you that you suck.

 Learn how to use your turkey mouth call for beginners and advanced callers.  Conquer the Call.  Learn, progress....Conquer!   

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