Expensive vs. Cheap Game-Calls

Here at Conquer the Call, we are asked almost daily which call should be purchased for a particular animal version. Should I buy an expensive call? Can I use this cheap call? The debate is ongoing and at times frustrating. There are so many factors that come into play regarding the cost of calls and I hope to cover a few basics that can guide you into your game call purchase decision. First, in our opinion, call technique triumphs over cost. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT!!! But let’s begin with basic common sense questions. Ask yourself the following: 

  1. What is the frequency of your hunting?  

 This question doesn’t de-value an expensive call or value an inexpensive call, it just supports the wear and tear you may encounter if you’re a frequent hunter. Polycarbonate, wood, slate, ceramic, and glass are among the most widely used materials for hunting calls. If you’re in the woods daily versus monthly, you may want game-call integrity to stand up to the pressures of consistent hunting in all weather scenarios.  

  1. What is your budget?

Most of us live within a budget that makes sense for our beloved hobbies. Whether a musical instrument, a pair of ski’s or a game call, stay within a budget that works for you. I can tell you that I have never heard a duck complain that his language was insulted by a $19.99 game call. I have however heard some of the worst calling on a $200.00 call. My own.  

  1. What is your experience level?

There are guitar players and guitar owners. Get the difference? Be realistic about your call experience and start from the seed and grow. 

Will that gobbler not come in because you didn’t use a $100.00 box call? The answer is simply and unequivocally NO. The real judge is not us, it’s the turkey you’re calling to. I have witnessed time and time again gobblers running into a call I would have thought would have scared them out of the USA! And at the same time, expensive calls made to have a gobbler who acted like he’s deaf. So I ask you, is the end all the call, or is it your calling?

  1.    Try before you buy?

If you’re a seasoned caller, there’s no question you are going to try before you buy because you understand the subtle differences in tonality and your durability needs.

But as a beginner caller, can you hear the tonal differences? If a seasoned caller were to demonstrate on different call types, maybe you can or cannot hear the differences. So buying an expensive call without the ability to understand the tonal differences makes no sense at all. If you’re the type of person that needs the confidence of knowing that your game call is expensive, then have at it. But don’t forget the keywords here GAME CALLING.

Let’s summarize: 

>You are learning the language of a species.

>You are learning the cadence, note duration, sound, pitch and more of that particular animal. 

 Trying to shortcut this skill, or thinking an expensive call can help is like planning a vacation in France, showing up, and just start speaking to see if you blend in and if it works. Ummmmm, good luck with that. Don’t wait two weeks before a season starts! Would you do that with a foreign language?  

With Conquer the Call, you learn the language. You can start with the most basic call types and progress to the most advanced calls all from the comfort of your computer. We’ve chosen an instructor whose professional calling resume is jaw-dropping. To learn how to call from guys like Chris Parrish, Michael Waddell, Tim Grounds, Torry Cook and Kelley Powers, and having them show you step by step is why Conquer the Call stands alone in the educational sector of the outdoors.  


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